Momma of 8. 2 Humans, 2 Dogs, and 4 Chickens...New to Chickens!


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Jun 9, 2018
I am new to keeping chickens, as of May 2018. My niece has kept them for years. When I sent my kids off to college, they thought it would be great to give me chicks for Mother's Day, to have a hobby, and something to take care of while they are away at school.

We currently have three Ameracaunas, and one Plymouth Rock. They are Conkey (white/buff splash with some black spots) June Carter Cash (all black), A Girl named Sue (orange and black) and sweet LaVerne (black and white).
I just love how these girls run around, they interact with our dogs and just crack me up!
I have learned about the area around us a lot more in raising them to date...the different hawks, owls and fox and coyotes. I am surprised I wasn't more aware before this, but we are well versed so we can keep these gals safe.
I am really happy to be a part of this community, my niece told me about it, and how much she was helped with different illnesses and various questions through the years. Looking forward to learning and sharing! Cheers!

~Joani Bee


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Apr 6, 2017
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Welcome to Backyard Chickens Joani!:welcome We are glad you joined the flock! BYC is a helpful site providing all of the information you need to know about poultry! There is always space for more members on the BYC roost!:highfive: Have you ever experienced any problems with hawks? They can be more difficult to prevent than most predators. Hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do!

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