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Apr 16, 2013
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Just found this site and think its wonderful!!! Me and my ladies live in sevierville tn and we have no roosters as of yet! My hens are 3 years old and are very spoiled!! One of my ladies has been sitting in her coop for 2 days and has no feathers on her belly soooo I googled it and found you all!!! Thanks love it and so will the ladies
Its broodiness if u lock the coop at night the chicken cant get back in. Although the chicken thinks they are fertilised they are not. Baseically she is trying to incubate the eggs so also take out the eggs.
Thank-you! I had no clue they did that and i was freaking out when I seen her stomach! I would have never known if it wasnt for this site and people like you that help others thank you for that. My stress level has went down lol
Hello and welcome from glad you joined BYC

I am in the same boat as you. I have 7 that are broody at the moment :( I try to make sure they all get off the nest everyday (by carrying them outside) :) so they can stretch their legs and get a drink and bite to eat. They will practically starve themselves to death. Mine are all sitting on golf balls (no chicks for me-or them).

There are ways to break the broodiness if you search it in the search bar at the top (if you are interested in that)

Good luck. Enjoy the site

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