Mommie, I saw the Easter Bunny

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    While we were visiting before Easter supper, my 6 year old was out in the backyard playing. He came in and whispered to me, "Mommie, I saw a rabbit hop across the back yard." Then his eyes lit up and he said, "Maybe it was the Easter bunny!"

    He was so cute. We have never told him the Easter Bunny is real, but he must have heard it at Kindergarten. He even told me that if it was the EB I wouldn't be able to see it because I don't believe.

    The next day we saw this little baby rabbit right by our trampoline. It isn't very afraid. I think it must have been born under the bushes right by the back door.

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    That is a precious story and a precious picture!!! [​IMG]
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    That is too cute and I love the imaginations of children [​IMG]

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