Mommies or daddies... need advice... Maya Wrap?


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Jun 3, 2010
Hi All! So my son is three weeks old yesterday and he's hit that phase where putting him down constitutes a war crime in his mind. LOL! I'm going nuts because I can't get anything done and I need a way to carry him that gives me free arms. With two other kids, dogs, chickens, a cat, a garden that needs tending and a general need to do laundry, clean, move and breath without slinging a baby in one arm all day-- this has been a very unproductive week!

I have a Baby Bjorn from my other two kiddos that I love, but my little guy is too tiny to use it yet (they have to be 21 inches and he's just under 20). So at the breastfeeding clinic the other day, I saw another mom with a baby my peanut's size in a "Maya Wrap" and she said she absolutely LOVED it and that it worked amazing. The baby looked down right satiated in it, I must say. But they are unreal expensive (at least on my shoe string budget) and I don't want to shell out the $70 unless I hear some more good things about it.

Anyone out there use, love, or hate the Maya Wrap? Is it really hard to figure out with the figure eights and the slings and whatnot?

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I don't know what a Maya wrap is, don't know if it's the same thing I saw a friend using yesterday. Hers was a long piece of some stretchy fabric that she wound criss-cross across her chest and then around her waist a couple of times, tying it at the ends around her waist. Then she slipped her baby into the criss-crosses, pulled up a piece of the part wrapped around her waist, and pulled the baby's legs out through some opening. Her baby is about 6 months old or so? But perhaps it would work for newborns too, the baby was snug against her chest and looked very content. So did Mom.

Maybe you can find someone with such a sling or wrap that you can borrow, for a while as you decide what would work best for you, or for the duration.

Otherwise, recruit a lot of help with your chores, find things that even your other kids can do to help, let some things go for now, don't sweat the small stuff. You know how quickly this season passes, Baby won't be so tiny & needy for ever. I wish you all the best.


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Mar 2, 2008
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There are so many slings and wraps. Check out this forum

wraps are what are considered a ring sling. You should be able to find several versions of ring slings.

If you see a sling or wrap that you are interested in, look on ebay, the selling area on that site or look for mothers who make similar products for a cheaper price.

I love Ergo slings when babies get bigger, not sure what I will be using for my little one in 11 weeks when she is born. But she will definitely be in a sling.

Gotta be careful with the Bjorns. Not good to support all their weight on one area of their hips like that.


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Aug 12, 2009
I used a maya 11-8 years ago.Still have it and the baby trekker.I aways had one hand free with the maya,but held the kiddos with the other hand at the back or butt.In the trekker I could put them facing in or out and had both hands free. I would try resale shops or ebay.If you know someone that sews get them to make one.

I loved using it when a little one was sleeping.I could get them into the maya without waking them.Only had a problem one time with ds around 4 months and the wrap was cutting into his legs.

If you can't get it maybe family members will consider cash gifts this year so you can pool the money and buy one.


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May 19, 2008
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Someone on here was selling them homemade...
Cant remember who it was though..


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Mar 17, 2008
I've made many, many slings for myself and I LOVE the Maya-type ring slings. Another brand is Over the Shoulder Baby Holder - they have padding, so I find them comfortable but can be bulky. Those are excellent slings for little babies because there's nothing between you and the baby and it mimics the way you hold the baby.

Here's a great place to buy rings for slings:

Elizabeth Lee also has a sling pattern, but to me, it's not worth it. I just sew the rings on some fabric I like and make an unpadded sling like the Maya sling.


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Feb 15, 2007
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I used a sling a lot with my second one, he and I both loved it. He could sleep in there and still be carried, but I could have my hands for the older child and chores. I don't remember what brand mine was, it came in various sizes to fit the mommy. It was expensive, but one of the best pieces of baby equipment I had.


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Aug 27, 2010
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When my twins were small, I'd use a Moby wrap which you can find for about $40 - it's worth the price but they only go up to a certain weight and can be cumbersome to wrap. I love my Mei Tai which you can use with a newborn all the way up to a toddler. I've had excellent luck using for tons of info on slings, wraps, mei tai's and soft structured carriers. You can always find them in excellent used condition for a decent price on that site or ebay. As much as I love all the carriers I've ever used and owned, I'd never pay full price. Good luck!!!



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Jun 3, 2010
Thanks everyone!

I ended up heading out to a nearby baby consignment store just an hour ago and bought a brand new Moby Wrap that someone had bought, never used and returned-- I paid $20! Baby Declan is not so sure he loves it yet and I'm still trying out different ways of getting him in and out. But the tying is pretty basic and easy to do and it was a fraction of the Maya price wise.

My only "complaint" when comparing it to the Maya is I liked that the Maya had padding. The Moby doesn't. But my guy is just a little one, so it'll work for what I need it for until he gets big enough for one of the other two carrier options I already have at home.

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