Mommy hen attacking other hen


8 Years
Oct 9, 2014
After loosing our favorite hen to a bobcat my flock is now reduced to two hens; Ginger, an extremely docile RIR and Tweety a very feisty alpha BO. In March we almost lost Tweety to an internal infection but nursed her back to health. Needless to say my hens are extremely tame and used to being touched. Tweety recovered to being her greedy old self and even started laying again. That stopped soon enough when she became broody early June. On July 8 I brought home two adorable two day old chicks from a local small breeder. The adoption process was a success. Tweety went from broody into fierce mom mode, sometimes even trying to attack me which I don't take seriously and she gives up soon enough in exchange for treats. The big problem we have is with poor sweet ginger, who probably does not even know how to be mean. She never attacked a chick and I think all she wants is to hang out with other chickens. But Tweety is so mean that she has to keep her distance, if she does not she gets majorly pecked. The run is big enough but they do have to cross each other in order to move back and forth. When I am home I let Ginger roam the yard while Tweety and the chicks stay inside the run. Ginger spends a lot of time with me, sometimes inside the house and she obviously does not want to be in the run. But I cannot be home all the time and I need to be able to leave her in the run with crazy mom. Any advise would be so appreciated.


Jan 24, 2016
Relaxing with my Buns
There is really nothing you can do. A broody hen will stop at nothing to defend her chicks. She won't attack a rooster, but other hens even her best buddy. Some broody hens are friendly to others, but some are just downright mean.
You will probably have to separate Ginger, before she gets hurt.


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