Mommy! I Got A Girlfriend!

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    Yep, that's what my 4 year old came up to me and said! I was going through his classroom newsletter and they had a picture of the class and out of the blues, I got a "MOMMY, THAT"S MY GIRLFRIEND! HER NAME IS *BEEP*"
    I thought at 4 years old, COOTIES exist but no! This little 4 year old has already claimed a girlfriend. Funny thing is...the girl happens to be my landlady's boyfriend (passed away a few years ago)'s granddaughter.
    Well, her birthday is coming up next week and sweet little boy told daddy that he needs to get something for his girlfriend's birthday (if only we had the MONEY!)

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    looks like you and him are gonna be making something crafty for her birthday then! you know she will never forgive him if he forgets her birthday. Or maybe they can have a romantic dinner? [​IMG]
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    Hehehe My DSD called me the other day, all upset. Her 3 y.o. son broke her heart. She told him he was going on a play date to a friend's house and would get to see a little girl named Natalie. He told DSD that he thought Natalie was soooo beautiful. DSD asked him "what about me?" He made a face and so "no Mama, not you! Natalie!" [​IMG]
  4. Quote:yikes! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Ohmigosh. At recess a couple of weeks ago,it was really freezing, so a bunch of fourth-graders were crowded around this filter that blowed out hot air. Soon,the kids had started to leavve to see friends and stuff like that.I got up to talk to my favorite monitor and say hi to my old BFF. I come back to the filter to find,alas,my ex-friend of all people and his girl-friend Dana...well,her real name is Jamoree, but her boyfriend calls her Dana,so that's why I think of that name first. I kneeled down to get the heat..........

    "Leave," my ex-friend said. "We're having a private conversation."

    "Guy,that's the heat," I said. "Your conversation can't be so private that your old friend can't hear it."

    "I am talking to Dana," he said "Stop being a spy and leave us alone."


    At this point,I was mad that I couldn't get the heat,but I just left them alone.I can't believe that he needs to have a private,intimate conversation with this girl,he loves her so much.I felt like talking to him and apologizing,but I knew Dana would hate me if I did.

    Ugh.We grow up way too fast.
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Quote:Do you have a problem???I don't understand you.
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    [​IMG] my son had a girlfriend when he got to Kindergarten - and believe it or not her parents didn't want them to play together! [​IMG] I would see them coming out of class holding hands - it was too dang cute!
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    Quote:Cute?Not when they get to the fourth grade and he has leave his old friend out in the freezing cold to have an intimate conversation with her. [​IMG] And not when he's on the computer all the time because he's getting two thousand emails from these girls. [​IMG]

    Then,it will be ugly!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Awww, that is sweet. Can you pick him up a single cut pink carnation from your grocery store to give her? Assuming your grocery has a floral department, that is

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