mom's biopsy rant-kinda


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Apr 10, 2007
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My mom had a lung biopsy the begining of March. I hadn't talked to her since the 8th. She wasn't expecting results until about the 12th. I didn't want o call as I was afraid that she got bad news and wasn't ready to talk/ tell anyone as of yet.

I couldn't wait any longer so I emailed her explaining that I understood if she didn't want to talk, but that I was worried.
I got a reply this morning. They kept calling and calling last week. The dr. kept saying that they didn't have any results in yet. Well, the 14th they got a call from the dr. He told them that the biopsy they took (which hurt her a lot) all the tissue was dead, so they need to do another one!!! How long does it take to figure out that tissue is dead???

So she went to another hospital on the 15th and got another biposy. This one went much better and didn't hurt her at all. The first dr. was all business and a bit rude, this one was very personable and kind.

So now she is still waiting for the results, they told her probably not until Tues. She is sooo worried and scared right now.

I know that there are a lot of smart people in all the medical field, but there sure are a lot of loser idiots also. You would think that if someone has a history of cancer and is getting tests to see if it has moved or come back that they would put a rush on them knowing that these people would be VERY anxious!!

Thanks for listening, I know there are many rn's and such here, my DMIL just retired from working intensive care forever two yrs ago. I have the utmost respect for most medical people, unless they give me a reason not too. But I am also VERY wary as I have been misdiagnosed seriously several times. Once it could have cost me my life if I hadn't of defied my ex and went to another dr.



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I would have to say that for the most part health care professionals are pretty good....but I see a lot of people in the field I am studying now that are headed straight to med school... if they make it though... they'll need to learn a bit more people smarts, as people are not books and written exams.

I hope the best for your mom.


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Feb 26, 2008
There is good medical care out there and it seems like you have found it with the second doc, but I think everyone needs to remember that having a liscense doesn't make someone a good dr. I have one of the most heartbreaking examples of medical care that you would ever hear, but I am going to refrain from telling it here. Your going to have to be an advocate for your Mom, particularly if the results are not what you want to hear. Don't feel as if you have to put up with substandard care. Don't let docs intimidate you with their overbearing mumbo jumbo. Make sure you clearly understand everything going on and if you don't feel good about a doctor, you can fire him. He works for you.

Good luck, I hope the tests come out fine.


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Apr 10, 2007
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Thanks for your good thought s and prayers. My step father just retired from vetrinary service a couple of years ago. He will make sure that the drs. don't mess around. He has bawled out a few drs. and they have changed drs. If he didn't then I and DH would.



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Monica, sorry to hear about your Mom and with your DD just leaving for duty I know your plate is extra full of worry. In the area where we live they seem to have gotten all the doctors that nobody else wanted; so we travel for our health care. Glad your Mom is with a better doctor & hospital now and as with your DD, I'll be keeping her in my prayers. Kat


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Considering the number of pre-med jerks I knew in college, doctors with bad social skills are not surprising. And every med school has people who graduated at the bottom 10% and still passed. I'm sorry you got hit by one of them. Good wishes for the biopsy.


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Monica, I am so very sorry about your mom. I had the same situation on a breast biopsy in 2004. The first one was a disaster and they bruised me so bad that they had to wait 3 weeks to do another under mild sedation - no pain but it took about three days to get the results back.

Different doctor - I would not let the first one touch me again. So there are totally uncaring doctor's out there - mine was young and arrogant. He was supposed to apply a local - topical anesthsia - I do not believe he did - I made him quit - told them I could not stand the pain - the gurney I was on had a pool of blood about 5" in diameter on it.

So, I do sympathize with you and your mom - I will remember your mom and you in my prayer's.


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my doctor once told me when i first started seeing him that if i didn't think that we clicked he would help me find another dr. i thought that was very cool so i stayed with him. he just said that if the pt. and dr. dont click then nooone will trust each other and that usually ends up in not telling the doc about problems or not trusting him/her when it comes to meds. hopefully your moms biopsy comes out good and if not remember some of the best medicine is positive thinking. trust me i've been there.


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Not surprised at all, sadly. Lots and lots of cancer patients do not get the proper follow-up care, and many are never directed to get it in the first place. This is far from the only study.

What especially frosts my butt about this sort of study is that they are almost always concluded with, "Patients can do XYZ to ensure that they get appropriate care from their arrogant, over-booked, impossible-to-contact doctor..." It is not the patient's job to pester, beg, bully or lawyer doctors into giving them care. It is also not the patient's job to pester, beg, bully or lawyer insurance companies into upholding their own policies and covering procedures. This is clearly the responsibility of the doctor and his/her medical billing staff. Why can't the studies ever end with, "The maximum number of patients any oncologist should take on, to provide adequate follow-up care, is X. Epidemiology studies indicate that there will be Y cases of cancer over the next 30 years. There are not enough oncologists to go round. We recommend that Z amount of medical school programs be established to address this insufficiency."

It's not a particularly complex economic calculation. Why, then, do these authors insist on putting the responsibility on the least-educated people who have the fewest resources to resolve the issue?

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