Monday Morning Poo - HELP!!!

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    Nothing like a case of the Monday morning shits.... Anyone know what this might be? I know there are a plethora of issues that can lead to the yellow poo, I'm not sure about her tucking her neck in, though. She's still up and a bout but she definitely isn't strutting her stuff like she usually is [​IMG] 29060593_10214497040914850_7498985058204401496_o.jpg 29512489_10214497041434863_7219219480099693505_n.jpg 29513304_10214497042274884_3634706008604216515_n.jpg
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    The poop looks "eggy" or like it has egg yolk in it - do you notice a discharge coming from her vent like the consistency of egg white and yolk? My thoughts since she is tucking in her neck and has poop that look like that she is or was trying to pass a soft shell egg where the membrane collapsed.

    You can treat her like this:
    or what I usually do is give extra calcium (crushed TUMS on scrambled egg) and Nutri-Drench (1cc per 3lbs of weight) and see that the hen is drinking well. With my girl, it can take her a little while to pass the membrane. Sometime, she already has passed it, but I usually see a chicken chasing episode since all the hens want to gobble it down:hmm

    Hopefully this is just a glitch for your girl and she will bounce back quickly. I have one that has had several of these, but finally she seems to have worked things out.

    Keep us posted.

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