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    Mar 15, 2009
    does anybody know If I amable to keep a rooster inmy area I have a bloomington address but I am no where near there I am closer to another smaller town and I do live in a nieghborhood but all my nieghbors next to me eiether have chickens or goats themselfs and we are all pretty close friends to. but I dont wont to cause problems with my meighbors that are further away from me cause he crow does travel but he dosent do it all the time just here and there about every 2 or 3 hours sometimes longer than that. well I have gotten a hold of the county planner and I am waiting on him to call me back so is there anything I should know before I give this man my address I do have chickens and they dont seem to be a bother but the rooster is another story I dont have to keep him but I would like to he is very handsome and so friendly it is not even funny how sweet he is would not harm a fly.
    any suggestions would be helpful??
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