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    Jan 21, 2015
    Mosquito control is good, but the association of zika with microcephaly is unfounded. Physician groups on the ground in Argentina and Brazil, who have been working with zika for decades, say the true cause of the microcephaly epidemic is the use of the Monsanto larvicide pyriproxyfen, and the evidence for this is quite strong. For example, they have been dealing with rural population groups with zika infection rates of up to 75% with no instance of microcephaly for years, but suddenly, after a misguided program started in 2014 to add the larvicide to rural potable water sources and storage systems, the microcephaly appears out of all proportion. And the main action of control of this larvicide is precisely to cause developmental defects in the young mosquitos. Hello? Does anyone think that might have something to do with human birth defects?

    In other words, keep your water moving or sealed, and keep chickens for mosquitos.
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    I think that that they are on to something as well. All those chemicals are certainly not good for anyone! Once they do find out if it should be the cause, lets hope its a wake up call and they stop using all chemicals like this altogether. [​IMG]
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    I live in shropshire UK and my daughter was premature and has microcephaly (microcephaly means small head) she is 3 years old soon and has a mental age of 12 months old, so this is gonna be one long journey ahead of us all,! x
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    I am so sorry to hear that.[​IMG]

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