Monster egg!


10 Years
Feb 1, 2009
Valley Springs, Ca.
I go out to collect eggs yesterday evening, I have a Dominique that has gone broody on me. I open the egg door and see that the cochins have laid egg's there, the Dominique is usually sitting on all the eggs but I notice that she is sitting out in front of the egg boxes. I reach under her and feel this huge egg. Pull it out from under her and it's this monster egg. Took it in and weighed it in at 3.1 oz. I have since told her she could have the rest of the week off. Poor girl!
I got one 2 days ago! Bet its a double yolk. Mine is twice the size of all the other ones.
Last month I had one of my sexlinks lay this egg is was 4.6 ounces and I told her she could take a few days off but she didn't listen she followed it up the next day with a 2.9 ounce egg.
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