Montgomery Ward Incubator - Model 56LZ-850, to buy or not to buy???

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    Apr 5, 2010
    I stumbled across a 1950's Montgomery Ward Incubator - Model 56LZ-850, for $150... any opinions on whether thats a good deal or not? I thought about offering less, but if its a good deal I wont be pushy! I have a big cabinet MW and I love it, this is a smaller 50 egg one I was wanting so I didnt have to always keep the big one "fired up" on smaller hatches. I have to make up my mind by tomorrow, so any responses would be SOOO helpful!

    Oh and they said its practically "new" that its been in storage forever, they got it out and it turned it on and it heats and stuff... even if I had to put a new thermostat in it, I was thinking it would be worth it! [​IMG]
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