Month of grief

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  1. sammy56

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    Oct 22, 2014
    2 moths ago I hatched thirteen
    eggs they were all fine but when
    they were two weeks old I saw one
    of my chicks had a crusty thing In
    the eye I thought the chick fighted
    and got hurt but after one week all
    of them gottet the had crusty eyes
    they were going blind and had big
    dumpy things near their beak
    someone told me it was fowl pox it
    gets better in two weeks but my
    one died going blind and went
    weak so my heart broke all died
    after that my other hen hatched 12
    chicks even they got the same I
    have only two left please help it
    can't go further if all my chicks
    dies how will I expand my flock
    please help
  2. chicknmania

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    Jan 26, 2007
    central Ohio
    You need to sterilize the living quarters of all the birds. Oxine is best, ( the kind without crystals) if you can get it, you can mix it with water, I use about a quarter cup to a gallon of water, and spray everything, including misting the birds. One place you can get it is Wash all the feeders and everything you can. You need to provide more info, including pictures, if you can, for more help. The best thing to do is, if you have another bird die, get a necropsy done. Contact your vet or your State agriculture department for how to do this, and the cost.

    Keep your remaining babies warm and as well fed as you can. If possible, put them in clean, unused living quarters.

    So sorry for your losses. [​IMG]

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