Month old Rhode Island with possible dislocated knee

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  1. JessyeDagger

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    Sep 2, 2008
    I got this girl from the feed store a week ago and they said she was born with her leg like this. When she tries to stand the knee will go to the outside(or inside..basically anyway it wants) and a few times I have found her with the lower leg turned backwards! I got a hold of the only chicken vet we have and he told me to splint it. I tried with q-tips and duct tape but she pulled the tape off. Any suggestions what to do??

    She eats and drinks fine as long as we hold her so she can get to it. Normally I would not try to save her but my 5 year loves her and she seems to have bonded to Michaela as well. It is so cute to find them watching tv together and once I even found them on the couch asleep with each other.
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    I would try again with the splint-maybe she'll get used to the tape and stop trying to pull it off. But if she was born with it, as you say, I don't know if it will ever go away. Oh, and [​IMG]

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