month old rooster already has attitude?

Mike Winters

8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
Is there a way to tame a rooster before he gets cocky?. I dont know if its aggression or showing off but it stands it's ground and puffs up if i move my foot near him or try to shoo him into it's coop, at a month old its to young to be hormones but is there a way to put him in this place while he is still the smaller then a tennis ball. Other then that his is a good boy for now and only gets an attitude when his pullet flock mate that's twice his size challenges him. Will the fact that he has to be the boss of two pullets. and have a flock of 1 year old hens that dont really like but tolerate my month olds yet. make him human aggressive? or just to my shoe that he seems to be developing an attitude towards.

the baby rooster seems to like to hang with baby ducks and geese because they are nicer to him but he never dares to challenge them because the baby geese are already the size of a full grown chicken and he is still a fluffy ping pong ball.


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6 Years
May 1, 2013
North Yorkshire, England
I have read around and if you assert your dominance in a way they understand hopefully he will stop. Roosters push hens to the ground to show dominance. If he attempts to attack your foot or hand just grab him, push him to the floor gently and hold him there gently for a few seconds then let go. I've never tried but I've read other people have tried and it has worked. Good luck

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