Mooved 'Broody Momma" and she broke and egg...

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  1. so sad. My first time with a Broody hen, I only let her have 3 eggs, I moved her out of the high up nest last night at day 14. She was NOT a happy hen. I know I waited to long to do this. I wasnt exaclty sure what to do. I thought they took 28 to hatch, so i planned it real carefully as to when to let her have her 3 eggs. Make sure I was home, etc. Long story short, the idiot that i am find it to only be 21 days till hatch. I will be on vacation on day 20 and 21. I was going to cancel my vacation, but couldnt. So i decided to move her into her own area so that she was on the ground in her own safe place to hatch. That way if she hatched when I wasnt home, they were ok.

    It took her what seemed like forever before she settled back on the new area nest. unfortunatly, she broke on of her 3 eggs. I feel so bad. If I wouldnt have moved her, or would have been smart enough to move her earlier this wouldnt have happened. I lookded at the egg inside and it only had a pea sizec embryo (i think) in it. but still, I am bummed. how far along should the chick be at 14 days?

    call me the chick killer.... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Don't feel's part of the process of learning. Cheer got 2 left!! [​IMG] Also, according to the pic should be larger than a pea size.

    So if it helps any, just know that it probably wasn't developing properly and wouldn't have made it even if it did hatch.

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  3. that's GREAT!!!! nope, it wouldnt have hatched. thats an awesome chart. thanks for sharing it.

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