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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by max13077, Jan 4, 2009.

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    As some of you have read I've been having real problems with picking. Well, it turns out that one of my favorite hens is partially responsible. She's a buff orp. I have since changed her name to "rough buff." OK, now what? I can't kill her. That is simply out of the realm of possibility. She is sweet, kind, and gentle with me and everybody else except other hens.

    I don't have any extra room in the coop on the floor to make a separate cage. However the front of the coop is 8' high sloping back to 6' in the rear. I could put a box up there near the ceiling. Would that be possible? Would she tolerate being in a 3'X2'x2' cage? When the weather warms I have places outside to segregate her. But until then.... She's been inside with me for 3 days! [​IMG]
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    How about putting a poly peeper on her beak,if you know she's the one? Will
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    ??? Forgive me ignorance Will. Please explain.
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    i am a newbie but if no one has suggested it yet, have you tried using inferred lights or red spectrum lights, i have read those will work with preventing picking and cannibalism.
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    You said she's been in the house with you for 3 days. I have read on here that if you separate them for a few days and reintroduce them, they become lower on the pecking order, thus less aggressive.

    Probably wouldn't hurt to try that first.

    I gave a buff away to another member a couple months ago because of that same issue. I didn't try separating her though because I just didn't like her from the start. She wasn't nice to me either.

    Good Luck,

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    I'd try separating her for several days or a week then put her back with the other girls. This has worked for me with picky girls, I call it Attitude Adjustment Time Out.... [​IMG]
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    once you see them you'll know how they work.
    I'm sure Randall Berkey carries them too.I thought I had some of the rings out in the barn to send to you so you wouldn't have to buy so many,but can't find them.Maybe someone else on here has some clinch rings to spare and the could send you to try.
    I wasn't sure how you felt about clipping her top beak back a little to get her to stop picking? Will

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