more broody nonsense. i dont have a roo, so she's sitting on blanks

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    Apr 8, 2008
    my girls are right at the 1yr mark and my buff orp went broody for the first time a couple of days ago. i have 3 girls and they share the laying area. all 3, including the orp are still laying, but the orp wont get off the eggs. i dont have a roo so the eggs are fertile. i have to nudge her off the eggs and hold her back a little bit to get the eggs. can you give some suggestions on how to break broodiness? im not adding to the *flock* at this time, so i dont want to put fertile eggs (like from a hatchery or the feed store) under her.what do i do about this silly hen?

  2. verity

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    Sep 8, 2008
    I felt really mean, but followed the advice about putting 'Ms. Broody' in a wire dog-crate up on bricks so that she could 'cool off' --

    I put in food and water and I also picked her up and took her out to be with the others three times a day --- and then it was back in the wire pen. After 4 days she decided to give it up and resume her normal routine --

    (I think it was harder on me than it was on her to have her penned up in the dog-crate!)

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