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    Jan 25, 2011
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    TW, (the wife), and I went to the TSC yesterday. y'all know what happens at the TSC? all that math you learned in school, flies out the window. TW had talked about getting some white egg layers to go with our brown eggers. guess what they. had at the TSC? White Leghorns. now just how are we going to get just 2 with their policy of only selling 6? the chicky gods were looking over our sholder, this guy and his wife walked up and ordered 50 RIR's. sezing the opportunity, I ask if he would buy 2 for us. no sweat he said. he got his 50, actually 52, they gave his 2 extra then he got 2 for us. I did ask if the 2 free one's could be White Leghorns, bet y'all can guess the answer. anyway we got our chicks and headed home. our others babies are 6+ weeks old now, so it will be a while until they all get together.
    well that's our chicken math story, don't think its was quite as bad as some other post we have read. now whats yours?

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