More Chickens on The Horizon!!

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    May 9, 2010
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    Yay! So I will soon be getting 2 more chicks. So excited! They will be housed in a large dog crate when they turn 7 weeks, which is next to my main coop. I am hoping to get two girls--- one BLRW and one PURE ameraucana. They are both beautiful! There will be a 12 x 7 run with a top that they can spend their days in so they will have plenty of room.

    bedding- wood shavings
    2 nest boxes with pinestraw
    3 x 4 dog crate with wood attached to sides for draft protection
    feed and water
    ramp going down from door

    Their names will be Joonbug and sue salad. (names I have found off here--- courtesy to Morgan7782.

    I will be getting them from and vaccinated for mareks disease. They will live in a very clean environment. Does anyone have any tips about anything? Or anything I need to know about BLRW's? Because I have never had BLRW's before. Anyways, just wante to share my excitment and I might also consider a dark brahma if I can get a larger dog kennell... LOL, chickens are an art!!! Sounds good to you?

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    I really want a BLRW... so please post some pics of your new girls... when you get them.. congrats:thumbsup

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