More Chickens!! YAY!!

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    Oct 24, 2013
    Hello everyone!! So I just got one more hen and a rooster!! All of them are bard rock and they are so funny and have the greatest attitudes. The rooster crows when ever he feels like it and it cracks me up. I had to seperate my guineas from the chickens cause they were kicking them out of there nests, but they are all doing great now. I am in the prosses of buying a larger chicken coop from the people I got the other chickens from......So i can get more chickens Yay!! LOL. My Rooster had lost a toe before I got him so he limps around but seems to be ok and he dont let it bother him to much. So now I am in search of a male guinea. I was told that the females do better with a male to follow around. I cant wait till spring we are gonna attempt to hatch chicks then. We are also gonna see about getting a couple goats too!!!!
    Well I think I am done rambling for the moment. Have a great day everyone.
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