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    1st of all, I am not sure if this is the correct place for this question. However, my little hen hatched 5 eggs on the first (none of them hers). The father is a mille fleur d'uccle, (this I am sure of) and the mother is ennie, menie, miney, or moesha (all reddish-blackish chickens). Now on to the point. Of the 5 eggs that hatched, 2 were black, 2 were reddish, and 1 was grey. What color does a grey chick grow up to be. This is my 1st one, so I have nothing to go by. Even sillier question, would this be considered a self-blue. I have nbo idea and sorry for the stupid questions. Here is a picture of the chick. The father has the same coloring as the hen that hatched these chicks.


    Thanks for any help you can give me. I just love my grey chickie.
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    The grey is what is refered to as blue. Now I doupt that it will grow up to be just blue, but it's main coloration will is blue based.

    A self blue is actually lavender in most breeds, which is a light blue color that breeds true. Lavender to Lavender gets you lavender, you don't have the splash and black like you do with the regular blue that can be a wide spectrum of blue. The genetics for blue and lavender are totally different.


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