More pictures of questionable feral lord knows what...


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Anyone have any idea?




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depending on where you live I'd say that hen has some game blood in her. she may be a key west chicken if you're down there. other then that some feral game or game cross.
But we're fairly sure she's a hen, right? Because she keeps crowing in between little tweety noises.

Go figure the feral chicken is a bit of a cross-dresser...
I know absolutely nothing about the game breeds, but I do know some breeds the roosters are what they call "hen feathered". If I just saw that face I would say definite rooster. Maybe someone who knows these breeds better can tell you.
yep its a hen. hens crowing or hens with spurs are not that uncommon in birds with game ancestry. by her comb she is not a junglefowl though, that and the fact that if you're in the U.S. feral populations of red junglefowl are not exactly common...
Definitely game something or other; definitely a hen. Hens do occasionally crow--some regularly, some occasionally. I used to have a silkie hen that crowed now and again. I know someone with a campine hen who crows regularly--usually just after she lays an egg!

Any breed could escape and become feral--my understanding is that that is how the Key West and Kauai wild chickens began.

I don't even know what kind of comb that is--definitely a bit different

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