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    Though riddled with cancer, my dad finally gave up the anti-everything drugs that had so addled his brain. His thoughts were clear for the first time in months. Ten days before he died, he and I wrote our only poem together; he finished what I had begun:

    Of Two Hearts

    A poem is born of wordless art
    wrapped faintly ‘round its bearer’s heart.

    He contemplates how best to share
    the feelings gently pulsing there.

    ‘Neath jumbled words and scattered rhyme
    his heart beats metronomic time.

    As life then flows from heart to hand
    the poet pens his verse again.

    This heart that yearns to share its verse
    finds that it has a soul to nurse -
    that needs its message put to pen.

    Thus art, once wordless, strongly speaks -
    It comes to life with eager peaks
    and shares its author’s heart again.

    Don't know why my dad has weighed so heavily on my heart the last few days, but
    sharing him feels good. Thank you all for the opportunity.​
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