More than one Silkie Rooster together?????


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY
We have 2 groups of silkies that never interacted, the roos met when one was free ranging and both ended up bloody...We have a 3rd group that have been together since birth that has 2 males in it, can we expect(or hope) that they would get along a little better if kept together(never apart) with ample amounts of ladies for them?!?!?...They're 1-2mth old and so far get along great...Thoughts? Experiences, which we realize will vary greatly?...
For the longest time, I had more roos than hens. I got rid of everyone but the Cochins and that ended up being three roos and two hens. I never had a problem with the boys fighting or the girls getting beat up. I guess that's out of the ordinary. I think it all depends on the birds themselves.

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