Mornin' Y'all 😊


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Aug 3, 2020
Hey guys!

After reading literature here early every morning with coffee for the last 5 months; i thought it time to register!
You guys have built an amazing compilation of information that has time and again proven its worth.

I grew up on a farm here in Mid-Georgia and wanted my 3 little girls to experience the same work, chores, and joy farming brings. They love it all minus cleaning the coop & clipping wings 😂😂
So far weve acquired:
10 Buff orpingtons (5 months)
2 light Brahmas
3 leghorn (2.75 months)
2 cinnamon queen (3 week)
2 golden comets (3 week)
All pullets except 1 Orp rooster!

I'll post a few pics soon 😁
Again though, what an amazing community and group of people & Happy to be a part of it!!
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