Morning Drama at the Nestbox

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    Well, all my girls prefer one nest box.... A large rubbermaid container with a chicken sized whole cut in it. I have 4 pullets that have been laying all in the same box and calmly taking turns. Violet my EE has decided to hog the nest box this morning and won't leave [​IMG] She's been in there two+ hours and counting and the other girls are getting very upset. She is currently making the wooden fake egg very warm and won't leave even when I reached under her to check! I hope she's just taking her sweet time and not going broody on me after only 2 weeks of laying. I really need some more eggs this morning, so I can make breakfast! [​IMG]

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    I feel your pain. I used to referee the nestbox wars, but I finally threw my hands up and let them figure it out. I still intervene in the roost wars at night. [​IMG]

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