Morons of the poultry world

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Just a word to the wise.
Be careful of who you speak of on this thread. There are some breeders that are somehow protected by BYC as untouchable and if you post anything saying that they arent the best breeder in the world and how awesome their birds are your thread will get pulled and the administrator will be sending you messages. Even if their customer service, business acumen and quality of birds are lacking.

I agree with WyandotteTX. We often don't get to help each other out like on other forums and groups.
Just a word to the wise.....

Be careful of flaming people. If you have a private dispute, do not bring it to open forum.
If you have an issue from other than BYC, please leave it there.

The feedback forms are for feedback.

No one is untouchable, even those who would say so.
Not open for further replies.

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