MorphX-The Rp(Role Play!)

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  1. (This Rp is based off the game so no COPYRIGHTING!!!)

    The world had been taken over by an Evil race. Aliens! Or so everyone thinks that's what they are anyway. They had appeared out of nowhere. They wiped out half the human race in 3days! Their numbers increased from 2 to 3,000 within that time!Will you survive the plague, or will you become one of them.

    No swearing
    No Copying!
    Be nice
    If you fight carry the fighting on pms
    Control your own character
    Do not copy other characters

    Types of Solidiers

    Body guards
    They protect the General from the creatures lurking in the shadows

    There can be 3 at a time. They lead the soldiers and make the decisions the troops

    They are the bulk of the team. They are the fighters.

    They fight the extra large creatures for the soldiers. They hunt down the "incubator" witch is a place that the female creatures lay their eggs. They are told to kill the babies.

    Btw if you are bitten by one of the creatures you slowly turn into them and your team will also hunt you down


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