Mosaic Cockerels - Portland, OR area


Jul 17, 2020
Portland, OR
I have 2 Mosaic cockerels that are ready to find new flocks to run with. Hatched June 6th and are from GFF. Deep blue skin under feathers and will pass on their fibro genes, so if you're looking for blue/black skinned birds then these guys will do the trick! They haven't found their voices yet and still have cute peeps. Re-homing fee to ensure they aren't dinner. Will drive up to an hour outside of PDX area to deliver and can provide more pics upon request.

Apollo: a tall, handsome boy. Doesn't like being caught, but is easily bribed with treats and will eat from hand and once held is calm. Has a lot of iridescent green/purple feathers coming through his junior molt.

Leo: a curious chatterbox who always wants to know what you're doing. Will come/follow for treats and tolerates cuddles. His feathers have a heart shaped darts at the ends.

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