Mosquito problems?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chickensducks&agoose, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I live in vermont.. Rural, RURAL vermont. Every winter, the kids don't want to go outside, because it is too cold and windy... Every summer, the kids don't want to go outside because of the horrible mosquitoes. I got some baby ducks last september, do you think they will solve my mosquito problems? We have a pond, where I assume they (bugs) breed????
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    I read that ducks will eat mosquitoes in the larvae stage. So I guess they never grow up? I don't think they will eradicate the mosquitoes but I think they should make a difference.
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    I would also say the ducks would help out. Mosquitos breed in any standing water. That could be a bucket, water dish, mud puddle, anything where the water is standing still. Another option you could try is putting a few drops of bleach in any outside water containers you have. Just a few drops should kill the mosquito larvae but not harm your animals.
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    Muscovy are know for eating misquotes and flies! It works if you let them out to free roam and eat the bugs!!!
    Wn't rid them entirely, but should help!
  5. why not add couple goldfish to the pond, they will eat the mosquitoes and the kids will enjoy them too.I don't have a pond but I do have a very large rain barrel, and I bought some fishing minners and dumped them in the rain barrel, they sure cleaned up the larvae, marrie
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    I would also put goldfish in your pond. That will really help! The ducks will help as well. I would recommend both.
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    Talk to your county Mosquitoe Abatement Dept.. They will stock your pond with mosquitoe fish. They are a small minnow that bear live young and will clear your pond in no time. Do not put in gold fish as they are a carp and will invade other bodies of water ( during floods or if there is a water outlet from your pond) and will displace native fishes.
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    Mosquitofish are not permitted in all areas (although I see a UVM website recommending mosquitofish for ornamental ponds, so probably they are not prohibited in your state), and only Southern states usually have state programs actually facilitating their distribution.

    If the pond has no fish at present, stocking it with fish (stocking it *intelligently* with an *appropriate number and size* of *appropriately chosen* fish, that is!) will help keep down the # mosquito larvae coming from the pond.

    However, I have to say taht the chances are very very high that most of your mosquitos are not produced in that pond, are coming from elsewhere, and there is probably not much of anything you can do about it.

    It's like that where I am here, anyhow, and lots of other places I've lived. I swear it's gotten worse in most parts of the NOrtheast since I was a kid. You just have to sort of adapt to it.

    Good luck,

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    I might also mention that ducks love to eat small fish.
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    So, I should get fish into the pond which will eat the larvae (maybe) and the ducks will eat the larvae.. and the fish.... sounds counterintuitive, but I'll give it a try! Goldfish sound prettier than mosquito fish... are they less effective I wonder? Are muscovy ducks that much better at bug control than other ducks? Why?

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