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    Mar 11, 2009
    Hi all,
    Well the mosquitoes are back and in full force after a couple of days of torential downpours. My question is this, can I spray my yard with something like Cutter's Mosquito spray if I have free ranging chickens and goslings? I don't want to poison my flock *obviously* but the mosies are vicious and I heard that they can make chickens sick. What do you do for mosquitoes?

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    Mar 5, 2008
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    Plant LOTS of Thai Lemon Grass-grows up to 6 feet tall so trim away! (its basically citronella.. what the companies use to make citronella oil) , Plant lots of catnip ( Better than DEET). I also hear rosemary works well too.

    This is what I do

    Cut lots of catnip and lemon grass...crush the heck out of it, mix it with alcohol (cheap vodka) and let it sit. Then rub it all over yourself,, dog, chicken, where ever you wish [​IMG] all natural and safe!!

    since lemon grass grows so fast, I keep trimming it and spread it on lawns, and all over my yard, even put some in the chicken bedding. [​IMG]

    You can get thai lemon grass at your local grocery store or Asian super market. Put in water and wait for the root to grow and then just stick it in the ground. It dies during cold winters but comes back.

    I also put lemon grass in my bath with a bunch of fresh lavender (tied in cheese cloth) its refreshing and relaxing at the same time hehe

    you can chew on lemon grass to freshen some garlic breaths or even some doggy breaths!...not that you have doggy breath or anything [​IMG]
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    Feb 17, 2009
    i don't remember the name but i used a garlic based product onece that worked great for about a week. it was made by a well known mfg and came in a hose end sprayer.
    the only side effect was a strange craving for shrimp scampi.

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