mosquitoes as predators

I have to blow mine out every day or two, it gets so full it just shorts out, constantly "frying" till it burns out if I don't. I'm talking THOUSANDS.
So are you saying bug zappers do work on mosquitos? Because if they do, that will be first purchase tomorrow!

Enola is right, they are truly horrendous this year in SC.
I donate at least a pint daily.
They are so bad at my house that they are even out in the daytime !

My daughter and I were working on a chicken pen the other day. One of us would work on the pen while the other would swat mosquitoes. I am talking about 3 oclock in the afternoon.

I don't have any standing water on my place, but I think the pond at the bottom of the hill doesn't have fish in it. I can see wigglers in the pond......
We are doomed....

So, I guess, my first purchase on pay day will be a bug zapper
See if you can find some little fish called "gambuzzis" or "mosquito eater fish"- they can be dumped in the pond and will eat the larvae. Around here you can sometimes find them in ditches after a hard rain.

They are tough little black/silver fish and will survive most any conditions. I need some more- my one koi did eat them.
I bought some last year to put in my fish pond in the front yard. They do a great job, that's for sure. But, I guess the winter killed them, they are not there this spring. I have been waiting for some more to come in with the gold fish at wal~mart but have not seen any yet !
Ok. I am so tired of the darn things I am actually buying Deep Woods Off. Deet and all. I can not go outside to do anything if I don't. I have already gone through 2 whole cans of the stuff. Doesn't matter what time of day either.
I got eaten alive working on the coop this weekend! I have bites on both my arms, neck, and even a few on my back & stomach.

They seem to be worse this summer than previous years in MA...I need some OFF!
I bought a zapper on pay day.....

I hung it in the shed/chicken house as soon as I got home . . .

It works like a charm !

I went to the chicken house after dark and it sounded like someone was frying something. It was killing that many bugs !!

I don't know if all the bugs were mosquitoes or not, but it doesn't make any difference to me. It is killing flies in the day time. They are also attracted to the light !

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