Most accurate thermo/hygrometer?

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    Hey everyone,
    First of all; SO excited for hatching season! Last year, out of four attempts (of 16, 30, 8, and 5 eggs per batch), all I got were 3 babies, all females though so that's a plus, at least. Anyways. I think one of my bigger problems was the accuracy of my thermo/hygrometers... I've gone through several, and always (usually) have multiple in one incubator at a time.

    I use Brinsea incubators now, I have two Octagons, one Eco and one Advance- not sure if it's EX or not. I also have a new Mini Advance that I used once and it worked lovely.

    But I've noticed, in each Brinsea there's two water troughs, one to fill for the first bit of incubation, and the other to fill for the hatch, but I found that I had both troughs full during the whole hatch and the humidity STILL wasn't where it was at. I'm not sure if it was a hygrometer malfunction or just my dry Colorado air, but I would feel more at-ease if I had a better hygro/thermo recommended by you guys! :)

    If you have any suggestions please send them my way!

    Thanks as always!

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