Most Amazing Chicken Story of 2012

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    May 20, 2012
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    Most Amazing Chicken Story of 2012

    My wife and I recently had one of our hens hatch 18 chicks on Christmas day. Two days later, Mama hen had taken the biddies out of the coop and down to the chicken yard. My Wife had gone out to tend to the chickens and noticed they were all in the yard so she decided to clean up the coop. When she opened up the coop, she found one of the biddies lifeless, on it’s back laying in the bottom of the coop. She picked it up and was going to bury it, it was cold and not alive but not stiff so she thought maybe there was something she could do. She cupped it in her hands and tried to warm it up, then she took a small leaf and opened it’s little beak and still cupped in her hands she started blowing puffs of air in it’s beak. Three short puffs, then close her hands. Puff puff puff then look see if anything was happening. After doing this a few times the biddie actually peeped, but still appeared to be dead. She did this a few more times then it peeped some more. She then took a small bit of water and poured it down the beak and the little bugger gasped for breath and peeped some more. She set it down and it fell lifeless again so she picked it back up and puffed some more into its beak and it starting peeping and peeping more and more she set it down and kind of nudged it a bit like it’s Mama would and it started to walk around and peep even louder. Mama hen heard the peeping and started to make noises at it and it heard Mama hen and it got stronger and louder, so my Wife put it down in the yard with the others. Today, you can’t even tell which one it was that was dead. They are all very healthy and active and are running around in the chicken yard all day.
    P.T.L. Inspired by God to act, my Wife was merely the tool of his will to bring this biddie back.
    What a wonderful story.

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    :clap That's awesome. :love so glad the chick made it.
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    What an amazing story! A wonderful story, and a happy ending! [​IMG]
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    Aww, adorable!
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    I love the story! Good for your wife. Congrats to her on saving the little baby. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] That is an amazing story!

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