.:*Most Beautiful Bird Contest*:.--WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!!

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    Thank you to everyone who entered their birds in this show. It was my first online poultry show, but we got ALOT of awesome entries! So, without further ado...

    Honorable Mentions:

    Chickaroo!'s "Lulu"


    CUDA's roo


    Third Place:

    goldensunriseranch's "Orion"


    Second Place:

    Lobzi's "Roo"


    First Place:

    Chickndaddy's Blue-lace Red Wyandotte


    and finally....

    Grand Champion:

    jfarm's "Phil"


    Thanks again to everyone who posted! [​IMG]

    NOTE: I will try to do a pencil drawing of the Grand Champion and First Place winners and post them on here later! Please forgive me life has been very hectic (work, coop building, fair next week, selling chicks, raising chicks, etc.) you know, the usual. [​IMG]
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    What beautiful birds!!

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