Most evil chicken, turkey, goose and Guinea fowl contest..

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    We all hear stories and see pictures of the most evil bird.

    Here is your chance to prove your's is or was ( we all know the really bad ones seem to have accidents with hatchets) the worst behaved. Picture might help.

    There is no prize it is simply bragging rights.

    But bragging rights are a big deal, we all know that.

    Here is the kicker. I am not going to decide who wins and who comes in second.

    Everyone on BYC is going to. You can even campaign for votes, makes no difference to me. I will set up a new thread and link it to this one on the 15th of March.

    I will have a poll on that thread with every entry ( as long as it does not go over the size limit of 30 entries) When we reach 30 entries I will start the poll if it is before Mar 15th.

    This is not an Official BYC contest, this is my own. I would like to offer a half dozen Cream legbar eggs hatching eggs, but I can't this year. If it is legal to do so with BYC and the state laws and the contest goes well, I will next year. ( I have my NPIP school coming up and hopefully will pass it and get the certification)

    Rules are simply

    1) be honest or semi honest some embellishment is expected.

    2) make it be a real bird that you owned, and no stories over 2 years old!

    3) story telling may count with some with the voters..

    If I am breaking any BYC rules, I apologize and will delete this. or have a Moderator do so,,


    The poll on the top is the example of what I will write for the official vote.

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