Most evil chicken, turkey, goose and Guinea fowl contest..

Discussion in 'Online Poultry Show' started by duluthralphie, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Doodooobird545 with Brutus

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  2. Joejunkyfarmer with Sally Loo

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  3. Wendyfarm with Goosey goose..

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  1. duluthralphie

    duluthralphie Chicken Wrangler Premium Member

    We all hear stories and see pictures of the most evil bird.

    Here is your chance to prove your's is or was ( we all know the really bad ones seem to have accidents with hatchets) the worst behaved. Picture might help.

    There is no prize it is simply bragging rights.

    But bragging rights are a big deal, we all know that.

    Here is the kicker. I am not going to decide who wins and who comes in second.

    Everyone on BYC is going to. You can even campaign for votes, makes no difference to me. I will set up a new thread and link it to this one on the 15th of March.

    I will have a poll on that thread with every entry ( as long as it does not go over the size limit of 30 entries) When we reach 30 entries I will start the poll if it is before Mar 15th.

    This is not an Official BYC contest, this is my own. I would like to offer a half dozen Cream legbar eggs hatching eggs, but I can't this year. If it is legal to do so with BYC and the state laws and the contest goes well, I will next year. ( I have my NPIP school coming up and hopefully will pass it and get the certification)

    Rules are simply

    1) be honest or semi honest some embellishment is expected.

    2) make it be a real bird that you owned, and no stories over 2 years old!

    3) story telling may count with some with the voters..

    If I am breaking any BYC rules, I apologize and will delete this. or have a Moderator do so,,


    The poll on the top is the example of what I will write for the official vote.
  2. N F C

    N F C doo be doo be doo Premium Member

    Dec 12, 2013
    Sounds like fun Ralphie, I'm following!
  3. NathanZee

    NathanZee Chillin' With My Peeps Premium Member

    [​IMG] You forgot evil ducks! I have a Indian runner drake that constantly runs flapping after me with his evil bill wide open, showing his serrated teeth. If he catches me, he latches on, and doesn't let go until the skin and blood let go of me. After getting a good bite, he quacks evilly, (I'm sure he is laughing at me), flaps his wings and goes back to the flock. Then whenever I approach him next, it happens again! We had a dish of oyster shells out for a while, but we make sure that ONLY the hens get it now, here's why: Ducks bills are made primarily of calcium, and the small serrated teeth on a ducks bill that are used to filter algae and small plants grow all the time, like fingernails. Well, when a duck overdoses on calcium, like FredZilla did, these teeth get longer and longer and sharper and sharper until the duck can't even close its bill. And for FredZilla, human bone is the only thing that can wear those teeth down, so that's why he can't be blamed for tearing peoples legs apart.

    This photo is from when he was still growing up, now I can't get close enough to him to take a picture. It's not worth going to the ER for one photo. You can see at this age his bill was normal, the teeth on the bill are normal sized. FredZilla is the drake on the left, when he was young I still avoided him and only took pictures of his brother.

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  4. duluthralphie

    duluthralphie Chicken Wrangler Premium Member

    I do not have a picture, but my most evil bird is a guinea hen.

    I actually have her serving life without parole. I have paroled her a couple times in the past but she always returns to her evil ways. You might wonder how I can tell this guinea from the rest. It is simple she is forced to wear an ankle bracelet. She is the only guinea I have with a red ankle ring.

    She has a long line of crimes. She should get the death penalty, and would if I did not need her eggs. The only thing saving her is her gender.

    Her first crime was participating and leading a coup. I had 11 guineas. Guineas are the underworld of the fowl world, just above geese and ducks on the list of undesirables. They had a perfectly good leader. He was a pain in the rear and very contrary. One night he refused to go into the coop. The rest where inside. The Leader was outside being a bellybutton. He would let me get to within 5 ft of him and then fly. He would taunt me and force me to chase him. During all his taunting the other 10 guineas came out of the coop.

    The Leader was on the roof. there was a racket like you cannot believe. The guineas that had left the coop were on the ground yelling, while the one on the roof was yelling back and taunting me. It was one of those days I almost got a shotgun out and ended my guinea ownership. I took a long cane pole and forced the guinea leader off the roof. He flew into the midst of the guineas on the ground.

    This evil guinea then lead the coup. She started and the rest followed as they beat the poor now ex-leader. I ran over to them as fast as I could and broke it up. The ex-leader ran from the group. All of the sudden the evil one chased him and the rest followed. Again a beating started. I ran over to rescue the ex-leader. He was beaten so badly he was swaying from side to side and stumbling as he walked. His head was all bloody. It was terrible. I rescued the ex-leader, that had just been taunting me, and placed him in a safe pen. The others easily went back to bed.

    The others started hanging around the pen with the ex leader in it. It appeared they had worked out their differences, so I let the ex-leader out, (this was about a week later). The evil one again after a few minutes greeting the ex-leader started beating him again. He flew away. Up into a tree, I could not get to him and thought oh well they will work it out. They did, I found the ex leader's body that evening on the farmyard grounds.

    Nothing I could do, I figured life was good. It happened to be coming of spring (last year) and I was attempting to find the guinea nest to collect eggs. This was an impossible task. I decided to lock all the guineas into a large covered pen I have nicknamed Guinea Gulag. I had a few turkeys in there. They got along fine with the turkeys. Even laid their eggs with the turkey eggs in the turkey nests. I collected a lot of eggs and hatched out about 40 keets. Life was good.

    One of the turkeys decided to go broody. For about two weeks life was good. I then decided to check under the turkey. I found guinea eggs. Lots of them that were not there to start with. I took them out and placed them in an incubator ( more keets) I had to check every couple days for eggs under the turkey. This evil guinea knew this would tick off the hen turkey.

    One day I went to reach under the sitting turkey only to be attacked by the turkey! She was really beating on me. The evil guinea just sat back and laughed. I had to move the guineas to another covered run. Not an easy task, catching and carrying each guinea one at a time to the new prison. After I had enough eggs I decided to let the guinea free range again. Guineas really only have one duty, wood tick control. They can't do it locked up. They were happy free ranging guineas. But I noticed I was losing lots of guineas. I was down to about 5 guineas. I found them dead in the ditch or on the road.

    I watched what was happening the evil guinea was leading the others to the road and pushing them in front of the cars. I now had two flocks of guineas 15 young ones in one flock and 4 in the old flock. (Yep, she killed another on the road) I was trying to keep them out of the ditch. It was a all day job. I gave up because I had the young ones, I did not need the old ones. One day I was down to three old Guineas. I watched them head to the road. I tried running them back into the yard again. It was a pain in the butt.

    That evening I had 2 dead guineas on the road. The lone survivor was the evil one. She joined the young guineas, and started turning them to her evil ways, little thins, beating chickens, chasing the dogs, and worse of all leading them to the road.

    I had a trial and the evil guinea was convicted she is now serving life without parole, I move her from prison to prison she will never be free again. My other guineas are well behaved now. They sit on the roof of the house, sit on the deck rails, which drives my DW nuts, but I like them there. They hang with the chickens. They follow thee BA hen that hatched most of them. They are the perfect birds. There is no way the evil one will ever be free again. I will place her in with the others for breeding that is it. If I get enough guinea keets this year, she will become soupl!

    My entry, sorry it got so long.
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  5. memphis

    memphis Overrun With Chickens

    Aug 6, 2012
    Love this!!
  6. NathanZee

    NathanZee Chillin' With My Peeps Premium Member

    I learned from this that both guineas and turkeys are the most evil animals in the world, after weasels and spiders.
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  7. duluthralphie

    duluthralphie Chicken Wrangler Premium Member

    But you learned something so that is a win for you!

    We need only 18 more stories to go..
  8. NathanZee

    NathanZee Chillin' With My Peeps Premium Member

    Oh and I learned how fortunate I am to have ducks and geese!
  9. duluthralphie

    duluthralphie Chicken Wrangler Premium Member

    I had envisioned a few more entries when I started this. Come on everyone, lets here are your delinquent birds!
  10. NathanZee

    NathanZee Chillin' With My Peeps Premium Member

    I know there must be people with roosters that killed cats, toms that murdered calves, and pheasants that turned gardens into dustbowls.
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