Most People Only Have To Worry About Wild Snakes

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    A couple days ago my corn snake escaped his enclosure. I've been looking for him EVERYWHERE but had no luck, so I just turned on a little space heater and hopped he'd find his way to the warmth. Well about 20 minutes ago I heard my chicks going crazy in the brooder, and I honestly didn't think anything of it, but I went to check. There's my snake, WITH A CHICK IN HIS WRAP!
    Don't worry, this story doesn't end sadly. I've had to unwrap many snakes from my own hand before and got the little chick out just in time! With the other four Leghorns in the brooder, I really can't tell which one he snatched up haha so it seems the little one isn't going to have any ill effects
    My snake is happily back in his enclosure with a proper meal of a mouse
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    Glad everything turned out well!
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    ...... and that is why NO snake will ever be a pet of mine

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