most populare breed.

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    [​IMG] everybody make a post! [​IMG] what do yall think is the most popular breed available in the u.s.? im staring a small hatchery and i would love to actually b able to seel the birds

  2. I am going to say it is going to be between the RIR and PBR. I have a friend of mine that was selling birds for quite some time and never got a breeding pair of RIR's and had a horrible time trying to get any chicks sold. Being that they are dual purpose makes them an attractive buy.
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    Most popular in USA....easy if you are going by the most.

    Leghorns or cornish crosses for meat.......

    Now for the backyard flock, probably crosses or mutts.

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    this week ive sold at least 50 of each of RIW,RIR,NHR,BO.
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    As much as I love the breeds that are beautiful I think the up and coming breeds will be Red Stars and Black Stars. Good personalities with great laying production.
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    Im not sure if its one of the most common breeds, but I think silkies are the most beautiful breeds. And I know a lot of people who have them so they must be pretty common. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  9. People who know chickens prefer brown eggs. The Road Island Reds are a really nice breed. I have about 6 to 8 of these guys and I think they are sweet little hens. I had to get rid of the roo though, they are just nasty things.

    Leghorns are another nice breed. I have about the same number of these guys. I love my roo, we call him Foghorn Leghorn.

    Another nice breed is the Cochin. The hens are sweet and the roo is Gorgous.

    I only have ONE barred rock, she is getting really big these days.

    The orps are another breed that is fairly nice, but i do not like thier personalities all that much.

    I have about 14 "Cinnamon Queens". These are crosses between the RIR and the Leghorns. They are GREAT layers, brown eggs, and they are a sweet hen. i have never seen a roo though.

    The plymouth rocks are sweet and nice layers. The roos get enormous and they are gorgous as well.

    As far as yard ornaments. I love my polish hens and the roos are simply Remarkable.

    The wife loves the silkies and they are a nice, innocent and fun bird to have.

    I love Bantams, but the roos i have are not real good for them. I do have a pair of black tails and they stick with themselves.

    Banty roos can be a real pain in the posterior.

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    keep it comin guys! yall are influencing the breeds in my future backyard hatchery! [​IMG]

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