Most 'Special' Chicken!


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
You'll see what I mean

Because it seems, that she managed to hatch an adult hen!

LOL! Had something like this happen i my coop not long ago. My flock had gradually dwindled until I had just three adult hens left--a no nonsense10 year old New Hampshire Red, a shy 5 year old Easter Egger, and a perennially disgruntled white hen of unknown breed. After a serious attack of chicken math, I introduced 55 chicks to the coop. Caught Big Red chirping at the chicks a couple times...then walked in to find her on the floor sitting on a several chicks.

Next morning I found her on the floor, sitting on a few while the rest cuddled close...and the 5 year old Easter Egger laying with her head and shoulders under Red!

(It's been a month and Red decided to sleep on the top roost again a few days ago. I went to shut up the coop and found the 3 adult on top roost, a pair of the biggest chicks determinedly shoving themselves under Red's wings, and all the rest perched on the lower 2 roosts peeping inconsoleably that Mom had decided not to sleep with them any more!)

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