Mother angry that son, 12, was allowed to drive

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  1. This article was about my friend's brother. He was 12 years old when he died. His father's girlfriend allowed him to drive underage that led to a result of an accident. He suffered from brain damages and the family took him off life support. I knew this boy since he was a baby and he was the sweetest you can imagion. Yes, this article is a few years old but it's a reminder to some that there is reason behind the laws to protect those who are young and have full life ahead of them. I haven't heard from Ms. Fry for some times but I speak to her daughter from time to time. I know she fell into hard times after her son's death. She has 2 other children, a daughter and another son, and 3 granddaughters. I pray everyday for her to get well and live life again.

    In Memories of Jake L. Fry
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    i, too, drove at 12 years old. but that was many years ago when things were "safer" to do things like that. i recently recieved a email from someone that was titled something like "results of texting while driving". it looked like one of my "governement info" emails sorda. so i thought it was like the results of voting on it. i opened it to find very graphic pics of accident of a young driver who was texting while driving and hit a 18 wheeler head on. i could not look at it all for fear of being sick. my husband said it was very graphic and well... im gonna spare you his words. but lets just say the steering wheel of the car he drove was against the back seat and he was trapped between the 2. i worry so much about my kids. when my 15 year old daughter drives with us it scares me. not because of her driving she is a good driver! but because i know how fast things can go wrong. i feel for any parent that has suffered a loss of a child. my heart goes out to them.
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    i srove at 12... but onli in the hay feilds.. never on the road... iwas 18 when i got my dl.. my kids were not allowed to drive at an early age
  5. Nothing wrong with learning to drive at a young age where THERE IS NO TRAFFIC but it was busy road that she let him drive in. From what my friend said, he was driving across the rail road track which is where he lost control and slammed into the SUV. The boy had NEVER been behind the wheel of a vehicle before that.
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    Quote:Actually, I think that there is something wrong with breaking the law. If the law says a 12 year old shouldn't drive on the road then it doesn't matter what type of driving he/ she does around the farm or house, driving on the road is something the child should not do.
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    Quote:Did they prosecute the dingbat that caused this tragedy?

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    I too was allowed to drive at that age but I had a Farm CDL and learned to drive in the fields and around the property a few years before I was even allowed out on the road. I know that the population BOOM has caused crowding throughout the country and this isn't probably a safe practice anymore but I am also guilty of allowing my 14 year old son to drive my car down a country road. Again with lots of practice on the farm fields.

    There was an accident at the end of our road at the corner (busy road to our road has wicked s curve) and in the ice and snow somebody lost it and creamed a car full of highschool girls. I hopped out and tossed the keys to my jeep to my boy and told him to drive the rest of the way home, get blankets and tell Kel to grab the big van while I called 911.

    Luckily nobody was hurt more than bumps and bruises even though one of the cars rolled. The van and blankets worked out well till the EMS could find us. The cop didn't even bat an eye when my son drove back to the end of our road because I had forgotten to wear a warm coat for a run to the store for milk. Gotta love my boys. always thinking.

    Now, the moral/point of that.... if it was a busy road with lots of traffic would I do that? No way... In an emergency, sure.

    ETA - but my boy already knew how to drive a 4x4, and I thought there were going to be bad injuries.
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    i let my grandkids drive down the dirt roads sometimes but only when im in the truck with them soemtimes in the fields too. there age is 10 to 15
  10. Quote:For an emergancy like that...REASONABLE!
    Even the article mentioned that the cops were looking to see if the reason why Jake was driving was because of an emergancy. Since there was not, the Father's girlfriend was charged. I don't know what happened with her but I know she was in ALOT of trouble. Her bad judgement has killed a CHILD.

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