Mother arrested after giving 11 year old daughter a tattoo

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    Agreed. [​IMG]
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    So long as it was done cleanly I...have a hard time getting ruffled about this. On a personal level, I'm not crazy about parents getting their baby's ears pierced or circumcised due to said baby not having any say in a matter that will last into adulthood. I wouldn't support making either of those things illegal though due to conflict with parental rights.. I find myself even less caught up with this story.
  3. [​IMG] We don't have any kids, so I can't say anything from a parental standpoint. However - it's a tiny outline of a heart on her automatic response would be "gimme a break, lighten up". If she wanted a tattoo that badly do you think her mother saying "no, I'm not giving you a tattoo!" would stop her? I don't think it would - not in this day and age. She probably would have acquired a very poorly done tat by a buddy of hers using unsanitary needles, etc and ended up with a whole lot more than just a tat.

    Then again - I think if the child asked for a swastika on her arm, or some tattoo in support of terrorism..and the mother appeased her wishes and gave her opinion would be very different. So when all is said and done, I think she should suffer the consequences of lawbreaking, regardless of what the tattoo is or isn't. You can't have "exceptions to the law" spread out all over the place, it leads to chaos and anarchy.

    The law in NC (where they live) states you cannot tattoo someone under the age of 18, even with parental consent. That is what she is being charged with - not child abuse or cruelty, etc. She broke the law and thus should pay the price for breaking the law. I think a question they might pose will be whether or not that law supersedes whatever rights she has as the child's mother and legal guardian. I don't know much about laws...I just know I'm not supposed to break them. lol!
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    Well worded Clucky. Just to clarify my earlier comment, on legalities, I agree she should be charged according to the law. I just don't think the comments on the linked site are really about it being unlawful, and would expect much of the same had the story been about a state where the law was not defined, or where it was legal.
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    I think a tiny heart on the kid was fine. In some cultures people are covered with tattoos.
    I don't agree with people getting baby's ears pierced. Is this any different? At least the daughter can say if she wants it of not.
    A baby getting the ears pierced did not have a choice. And since when is a tattoo a life altering decision, as the article suggests.
    My life is no different because I have a small tattoo on my shoulder. Heck most of the time, I forget it is there.
    Give the mom a break. [​IMG] There are a lot worse parents out there.
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    Ignorance of the law is no defence so she deserves what punishment she gets.

    In addition to that, tattooing a minor is no less than mutilation. It's more or less permanent. Many adults who deface their skin voluntarily come to regret it later but a minor is not legally competent even to make the decision. The mother probably did it for her own selfish reasons. You must wonder whether she is a fit mother at all.

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    The premise here is not "ignorance of the law is no excuse." The real premise is that it is just plain ignorant to apply any law without a good dose of common sense. I know nothing about this mother and her fitness for parenthood and I can assure myself and anyone else that the application of this tattoo on her child does not speak to her fitness as a parent and to say otherwise without knowing more is the real ignorance. It was things like this that prompted Charles Dickens to write, " If the law supposses that....then the law is an *** idiot."
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    Has a mother with young children, nope even if it's not against the law. They are too young to decide. period..

    I almost got an illegale tat as a young one, my mom's words rang in my ears. As they still do, as you get older and have kids, it won;t look good. You gain weight, lose weight, get wrinkles ect. Just wrong.. I am female so it worked for me,,

    will tell my kids the same thing.. Thank goodness their girls and they really will go up and down in their weight with having kids ect..

    I also never pierced my girls ears, when thier old enough to look after it, and want it. Then I will consent, untill then no.. I also don't wear earings, way too much work for me :)

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    What a scum bag..

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