Mother Earth News writes about chicken keeping.

Mother is sometimes full of a lot of hog-wash! According to the article they had no ticks and fewer flies with a flock of chickens.


This is our second summer with our flock of (right now) 90 some chickens. I see NO difference in the number of ticks and swarms more flies. Anyone who thinks that chicken poo does not attract flies they had better think again. My wife is a farm girl and I was familiar enough with farming to know that when we started our flock we would have flies. It's just part of farming, chickens are included as part of farming folks.
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Well, can't really blame Mother since the statements about flies are all reader testimonials.

I can vouch for the tick & grasshopper part for sure, though I'm not certain whether it's the chickens or the guineas eating most of them.

Flies in the coop are a problem, & I've never seen a chicken or a guinea eat a fly. We're still working on our poop patrol/fly control routine.

Interesting link, thanks for posting it.

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