Mother Earth Newsletter re: passive solar heating

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    Thought I had saved it, now I can not find it....

    Anyone see the article where they used a mirror and an old window to create a passive solar heating system. The way I remember it, is you lean a mirror against the house then lay a larger older window over it (creating a medium sized space that becomes a little solar oven - the sides are enclosed somehow) that reaches up to an open (from the bottom - not side) window on your house (the old window reaching up to "enclose" the open window on your house) so with the fact that heat rises the sun is reflected and captured by the mirror & old window trapped in the space till its hot enough to rise and go in the open window of your house.

    Sorry did not explain to well, has anyone seen the article and tried it?

    Or does anyone have the link?

    Thought the concept would work well on my eglu.......

    Thoughts anyone?

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