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Mar 28, 2016
I May be asking this prematurely and if so ill be posting pictures of my new hatchlings... but my question is this, my sweedish blue duck went broody around Easter and laid 2 eggs. A couple days later she was stealing the other ducks eggs that were in the nest next to her including the wood ones... so she ended up with 8 eggs I took the wood ones out... she was a good mom and sat on them and took short breakes to bath eat and poop and would run back quaking to her nest. Mothers day we checked them and all were mostly black with a air sack all looked about the same some more air sack then others... Wednesday 3 hatched and she stayed in there with them until Thursday. She brought them outside and went on a stroll and was out there most of the day leaving the 5 that were left buried. I made her go back In the afternoon to lay on them... this morning i checked and there still not this normal do I need to do anything? Should I be worried about them?


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It sounds like she was stealing eggs while already on the nest, so she would have had a staggered hatch. In that case it's very normal that she has gotten off the eggs to care for the already hatched ducklings. If you want the other eggs to hatch, you'll need to take them and put them in an incubator and hatch and raise them yourself. Unless she is sitting on them constantly, they are not going to hatch. With her having already been off them for an entire day, it may be too late. Or they simply may have died during incubation and wouldn't have hatched anyway.

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Yes...My Buff Duck Hen started hatching yesterday...I will take the remaining eggs out and candle them...I will put the good ones into my incubator as I have two going with Call eggs..One going into lock down today and the other incubator not till next week....
So it is very normal for Momma Duck to abandon eggs to care for the ones hatched....
Best wishes...:frow

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