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    So as some of you may know, we had 2 mother hens who have taken care of 2 baby chicks for 2 weeks now in peace. Soon one of the hens already started to sleep on the roost while the other one stayed in the nest with the little ones with her.

    Now the one who slept with the little ones, has stopped taking care of them. She is weaning them (normal because they are 7 weeks old) and pecks at them when they come close sometimes (not always). But today she was especially loud, she was making a lot of noise today in the garden. Not at the chicks but just in general. I also noticed her poop is also abit foamy sometimes. brown foamy. What can this be? Because I just gave them parasite treatment because I found worms in the stool.

    She was eating a lot and now at almost 10pm was still eating and tried to go in the coop several times, but she didnt want to. The babies were now on the roost next to the other mom. I manually placed her in the coop. She jumped on the roost 2 times but went back off. And eventually went to sleep in the nest.

    Why this weird behavior? She was the one who slept with the chickens under her wings the longest... And the one who slept on the roost first without the babies (for weeks) still feeds them and calls them over when she found something. But it is so strange she didnt want to go in the coop to sleep.
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    I think I know whats up.

    The one who is weaning the babies started laying again. The other not and is still mothering the babies. So when the laying one comes to the food the other will kind of chase her away because she knows she wont let the babies come close. So she is making more noise when she is by herself because she isnt used to being alone. Because then when I come, she stops doing it and spends time with me.

    Although at other times they all stand together. And at night the babies sleep on the roost and normally she sleeps next to the other hen, but now the babies are next to her. So kind of a change in situation and maybe a fear of being pecked for being to close to the babies.

    But all went well :) She now goes inside the coop by herself and they are all on the roost together.
    And she stopped making so much noise
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    I'm having an even odder issue my hen started laying and stopped motheri ng the babies so we put her back with the other chickens but she keeps pacing and won't calm down so we tried to put her back with the chicks but she doesn't like that either
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    I guess its all a bit confusing if you're a hen. They cant read any books on having babies, so they don't know what to expect![​IMG]

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