Mother hen moving her chicks


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Our new mother hen has hatched out 5 healthy little chicks.
Having experienced some rough times with her last brood we created a nice separate pen within our coup for her and her chicks. The area is sectioned off with wire and plywood partitions with no exits lower than about 3' off the ground where there is still wire to contend with. Somehow the mother hen managed to get ou of the cage - which in itself was no feat. However she managed to take all 5 babies with her???? Does anyone know how the heck she is able to move 5 new baby chicks up and over the barricade ? It simple does not seem possible...
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Hens can hold eggs or baby chicks under the wing(like arm pits) and move them around. She must have really wanted out of there but, was smart enough to take the kids with.

You do have watch that other hens/roosters don't kill the babies - mama can't watch them all at once.
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I've seen hens move eggs over barricades, so nothing surprises me anymore! Congrats on the hatch.
Wow! I suspected that it was possible, however, I didnt know for sure if a mother hen could actually do that! I have 2 broody hens that hatched 1 chick each. I was just in the coop & found that one of the Mama's moved herself AND her chick into a nesting box on the other side of the coop!!! :cd

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