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    I am new to this so bear with me [​IMG]. My hen has 5 little chicks under her, a few more hatch each day, out of 11. She is in a nesting box, in a large hen house with adjoining run. I am wondering HOW and when she's gonna get herself and babies down to eat, drink, and then where does she go? does she sleep on the floor with them? We have a RIR that REALLY picks on the buff momma... and I am nervous about that as she ventures out of her box. What if ONE baby falls out of the box? Thanks for answering, I know time will give me these answers, but if there are ideas that will make these things go smoother, I would love to know them! Should I build little steps? LOL.
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    Yes, build a ramp so they can get down.

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    I would consider moving mom and babies to a whole new erea away from the RIR.

    The babies will eat when they get off the nest. Remember, they can survive with-out

    food or water for 72 hours, so don't get worried . [​IMG]

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    Quote:Can the babies really go down a ramp that steep when only a few days old? (I have a broody sitting on 5 eggs - due to hatch in 7 days).
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    Yes, they can, although they may have a little trouble with the concept of climbing up it. If the mother hen goes up it slowly and calls them constantly, they'll just follow her, but they're too young to understand how the ramp really works. I have frequently had the latest-hatched chicks get left behind because they're confused by what Momma is doing, while the older chicks go speeding up the ramp after her. She may realize she is missing some chicks when she gets to the box, but she tends to stay with the main group of her chicks and call, hoping that the missing ones will follow her. Meanwhile the youngest chicks cry and huddle and just can't figure out how to navigate the ramp. Keep an eye on things out there for the first few week.
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    Quote:Great info - thanks.

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