May 22, 2020
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I hatch with broody hens almost every year and all of the other chickens love the babies, like big auntie's or something. I don't have a very big flock though. How many birds do you have?


Oct 29, 2019
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I was thinking of letting my hen hatch her own chicks would the other hens attack them
chickenhappy1233 is right, it depends on what kind of birds you have. Certain breeds will think they are cute and love them, others will want to teach them about the "peaking order". Your mother hen will protect them with her life. Regardless, it wouldn't be a bad idea to watch them and make sure they are safe.


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Feb 2, 2009
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I was thinking of letting my hen hatch her own chicks would the other hens attack them
Broody hens were hatching and raising chicks with the flock long before humans domesticated them and for a long time after they were domesticated. Last I heard chickens were not extinct so obviously every hen does not automatically attack a baby chick.

That's not to say it can't happen because it can and occasionally does. My broody hens protect their chicks when they need to. Most of the time they don't need to but occasionally they do. I've never seen it but some people say they have had broody hens that won't protect their chicks. It's even possible for a broody hen to kill her own chicks. I had a broody that killed two of her own chicks but raised the other four. I have no idea why she did that.

There is something important about this. Room. If you have them shoehorned into a tiny space it's really hard for a broody to take care of her chicks. Even if they can manage while they are taking care of their chicks eventually the hen weans them. She leaves them entirely on their own to deal with the rest of the flock. I've had broody hens wean their chicks as young as three weeks or as old as nine weeks. She left them entirely alone and they did fine. But they had a lot of room inside and outside. They were not squeezed into a tiny space with the rest of the flock. If they had been they would have been in danger from the hens. My rooster has never bothered chicks but occasionally the hens do.

I have no idea how much room you have or anything about how you manage them. You could run into problems with a hen hatching and raising chicks with the flock. I never have.

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